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// April 25th, 2008 // Email, Web 2.0

I stumbled upon the really cool web 2.0 scheduling tool, called Presdo. What’s so cool about this app is that it is simple and it does exactly what it says it does. It has a very simple Google-esque user interface, where, using natural language, you tell it what you want to schedule (ie: a meeting, lunch, bring the car in for service, etc…). Click the button and it presents you with it’s interpretation of what you entered, translated into dates, places and/or people. If all is well, you can hit another button to add it to your calendar!

This is a great example of what web 2.0 application should be. Nothing fancy and does one thing really well.

So… you say, why would I want to use this when I can just open a new calendar entry in my Email/Calendar software. Well, my dear naysayers, it comes down to less navigation, fewer keystrokes/mouse clicks, and you have to think less.

For Example, say I wanted to schedule a lunch with Mickey Mouse next Tuesday at noon, at Pluto’s Bar & Grill.

To put that into Outlook, you would have to:

  1. Bring up the calendar
  2. Navigate to next Tuesday on the calendar
  3. Click on or about the day to bring up the calendar entry form.
  4. Enter the subject “Lunch with Mickey Mouse”
  5. Tab over to the Location field and enter “Pluto’s”
  6. Tab over to the time boxes and adjust the time, if necessary
  7. Click save and send

To do the same with Presdo, you would just:

  1. Go to
  2. Enter “lunch with Mickey Mouse next Tuesday at noon, at Pluto’s” and Clcik on the “Do!” button
  3. Verify everything is OK (and it will be) on the screen that pops up and click Save to Calendar button
  4. Choose your calendar type
  5. Click save on the pre-populated Outlook Calendar Entry form (if that’s the email type you chose)

If you wanted to send an invite to Mickey, you could either have put his Email in the text, or clicked on the enter email link that shows up.

It’s not so much the fewer steps, but the ease by which everything I expected to happen, happened without me navigating and deciding what goes into each field.

In any case, I’d recommend you take it for a spin.

Anyone out there find something better or equal to the task?

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