Email by Pony Express?

// June 11th, 2008 // Email, Tech for the masses, The Future of IT

I was stumbing around the Net and I found this article on the Popular Mechanics web site of all places. It talks about an initiative to bring the information age to remote villages in 3rd world countries by using store and forward technology. Each village has a local server which store cached web pages and email, and then this company has buses, scooters and oxen decked out with wireless equipment that picks up the date from the local servers as they drive thru the village. They then drive into or near by a bigger city that has wireless access to the Internet and automatically forwards the email on, and picks up any emails destined for the local village.

See article here.

This brings things into perspective a couple of things for me. One is how much we take for granted our instant and high speed access to the Net, and the other is how creative people can get to solve real world problems.

One of the disturbing aspects to the explosion in use of the web and wireless technology in the developed nations, is the widening divide between the information haves have and have nots. This article shows that although that divide is real, it may not be quite as dire as I thought it was.

I’d be interested in hearing of other unique and creative methods being used to give people access to the web. Maybe a google search for another day!

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