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// November 17th, 2008 // Collaboration, The Future of IT

Remember the holographic, hand gesture computers used in the movie Minority Report? Well it turns out that the technology was more real that we believed. One of the co-founders of Oblong (see video below) was the science advisor for the flick and much of what we saw in the movie was developed in his lab at MIT.

This technology is now available, sort of, to everyone (if you have the dough). As this system is meant to interact with projectors and computers in a specially designed room, it’s probably not something you are going to be able to buy at your local best buy soon. But it does bode well for the future, as more and more emerging UI technologies become main stream. The advent of multi-touch interfaces and the now infamous “Electoral Map” screen used by CNN during the election, means some of this stuff will start being main stream.

I for one, am excited about that prospect. The keyboard and mouse, and a single small screen (yes, even your 22″ wide screen is small) are limitations to creativity and the visual relationship of data.

Have a look at the future:

g-speak overview 1828121108 from john underkoffler on Vimeo.

The future is here my friends, and it looks bright.

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