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Make what you read on the Web actually readable

// August 14th, 2009 // No Comments » // Cool Tech, Featured, Web 2.0

OK, I admit it, I am a StumbleUpon addict… and I admit that you need to stumble through an awful lot of crap before you stumble upon a gem, but today I did just that!

There is a site called arc90 lab, which has put together several download-able experiments, one called Readability, caught my eye. It very elegantly solves one of the most frustrating aspects of trying to read something on the Web. Namely, that the article you are trying to read is surrounded with a bunch of noise, some of it static text in bold eye catching colours and others in animations or videos, all with the same purpose… “come look at me”.

By Simply adding the Readbility link to your links tool bar, you can eliminate the noise on any site you site by simply clicking the link. Here is a video showing it in action.

Readability : An Arc90 Lab Experiment from Arc90 on Vimeo.

Cool stuff, enjoy!